Sexy Teen Babe, Foot Fetish & Stockings!
New Episode In The Members Area March 17th 2022

Dear Members, at this time we have for you a new sexy episode
of a beautiful teen girl, showing her sexy legs and feet in stockings.
She is wearing a nice pink dress, sexy white stockings, and high heel
shoes brown colored. Her feet are sized 37 Eu, very small feet with
nice toes and arches. She has very small feet and soft soles. In this
episode, you will see her sexy removing her shoes, stockings, and
showing her feet. This is really hot foot fetish episode including HD
Photos and HD Video as well. Enjoy this New Sweet UPDATE!!!
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Hot Babe Sexy Footjob, And Foot Worship!
New Episode In The Members Area February 19th 2022

Hello, at this time we have for you a new sexy episode of a babe in
black STOCKINGS making a sexy footjob and foot worship! She has a very
sexy body, legs and feet! Her feet size is 38 EU with sexy high arches
and sexy soft soles with cute nice toes! She is very horny during the
footjob and she is making a very sexy episode! She is wearing nice
black stockings and sexy high heel shoes! She starts with footjob
in stockings and then slowly removing them continue all footjob
positions, including sexy foot worship where she is getting her soles
licked and sucked, and also making nice cock stroking! This is really
nice kind of RETRO video, and at the end she is getting her sweet soles
covered with a lot of cum. Enjoy, HD videos and Pics ADDED!!!!
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Hot Foot Fetish Model, Sexy Feet And Legs!!
New Episode In The Members Area January 28th 2022

Hello, we would like to introduce a hot foot fetish model! She has
very sexy feet and legs! She is 19 Y/O and she is posing very sexy
in this episode! You will see her in nasty foot fetish action showing
her sexy feet and soles. She has very nice feet size 38 Eu and very
soft soles! In this episode she in making very nice video and pics!
She is also wearing nice blue dress and sexy red pumps! She is
slowly removing them, and you can lick her feet! HD video and PICS!
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Hottest Teen Footjob & Foot Worship 2022!
New Episode In The Members Area January 07th 2022

Hello to all and we wish you a happy new year! We had recent issues
finding new models with sexy feet. There were models but they either
cut not work during holidays or they had so so feet. BUT, it was worth
the waiting, because we got incredible TEEN with extremely sexy FEET!
She has feet size 35 EU, yes you read it right, 35 size, very small feet
and very cute toes and arches, just dreamy feet, and soft soles! This
babe is also very cute and beautiful! We got her in this nasty episode
making footjob and foot worship. She is making all footjob positions
like the front, side, from behind, she is getting her feet sucked and licked.
We would say this would be one of the best episodes you can imagine!
We are sure we will bring her again for another episode! Because this
girl is something really special! HD videos and Pics Just ADDED!!!!

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Sexy Teen Feet In The Shower & Foot Fetish!
New Episode In The Members Area November 29th 2021

Hello, at this time we have for you a nice teen model playing in the
shower with her sexy feet! She has a very sexy body, legs, and feet!
She is 19 Y/O with a foot size 37 EU. In this episode, she is making
some fun with her sexy feet and playing with some paint on her feet.
She is showing all her body naked, including pussy and ass! This is
a really hot episode, hot foot fetish! Pics & Videos Just ADDED!!!

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Hot Blonde Footjob, Fishnets & Foot Worship!
New Episode In The Members Area November 10th 2021

Dear members, at this time we have for you a new update with a sexy
blonde model wearing a nice dress and fishnets socks! She is a new girl
from a modeling agency traveling internationally. This is for her a new
footjob experience, she never did anything like this before she said.
She has very sexy feet size 38 EU, with very nice arches, short toes.
She has also very soft soles, and in this episode you will see her in
sexy footjob positions, like the front, doggy, making footjob with fishnets
then removing them and continuing barefoot! She is also getting her
feet licked and sucked, making sexy Foot Worship! Believe it or not,
she is getting very horny during the video! HD PICS, VIDS ADDED!!

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