Sucking Pretty Feet

Episode..Sexy Teen First Time Footjob & Sucking Pretty Feet
New Episode In The Members Area July 18th 2018
Dear members, we would like to announce a new update! At this time we had the opportunity to shoot very sexy teen, feet size 36 EU. She is a student of the economy and she comes to our studio for solo casting, saying she would like to be also a fashion model. We told her that we are focusing at this time for foot fetish models and showed her some pics. She looks at the photos and said, this is someone turning on? Feet? We said yes, that many guys like woman feet and legs. She said is very strange. After some conversation, she agreed to take some solo foot fetish pics. We said we like her small feet very much and asked her if she would be willing to make some feet sucking, sucking her feet. She smiles, she said again it is very strange and finally agreed to get her feet kissed. When kissing her feet, our male actor got very horny and take out from his pants big cock and put it in from of her feet. She was shocked! We said if she makes short footjob she can earn some quick cash, and she did not say anything and just starting slowly making footjob. In the end, she starts to like it, and we were able to make a very nice foot fetish session and sucking pretty feet of her. She is making basically many footjob positions, include foot worship and more nasty things. This is a very sexy episode because she never made anything like this in her life. If you like her, give us a message and maybe we can work with her again for another foot and a new session. HD videos just have been added include high-resolution photos!!

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