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Hello, after some time we had a new model coming to casting interview. She comes for casting to get work in fashion business but unfortunately to get this work is not easy. The agent in Milan likes feet, and he wants to see models feet first. It is very strange for models, that they have to put feet on the table on casting and show soles into the camera. And this is not all, if the model has sexy feet, she must also agree to get her feet fucked by a big cock!

This model, of course, refusing, because she is not a bitch, she does not want to get her feet fucked or even touched! But this contract is for a high amount as is written in the contract. Take it or leave it, this is the offer. There are other models coming and we don’t have time to negotiate! As you can see in the poster she finally agreed to get her feet fucked! She is making very long video 75 minutes and all possible footjob positions. She is getting her feet fucked, licked and the end she got big load of cum on her sexy soles! Enjoy Feet HD Episode.

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feet obsession

Hello, we have for new episode of footjob casting! This very young model with sexy feet size 37 came for casting to get a job in Italy in fashion business! In casting to get this job she finds our that she will have to her feet fucked and she did not like it. We said feet obsession we have.

She said she came for normal casting, don’t want to show her feet on the table on camera and she is refusing. The Italian agent just sent a message on WhatsApp that he wants to see her feet fucked otherwise she will not get the job! The contract in Italy is for a lot of money so at the end she agreed to get her feet fucked while her BF stay at home! She has very sexy feet, soft soles, she is getting her feet licked and sucked and she is also making all the footjob positions. High res photos and HD videos just added and this is a very hot EP!

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Hello, Footfetishdreams now became official production and casting agency for fashion company in Milan Italy! Now making very hot castings where models comes for job and in order to get this work models must make footjob castings! Models comming to casting for work, but in order to get this contract in fashion industry, they are asked to show their feet on the table and make interview about their life feet and other things!

About this model, she is 24 Y/O she has very sexy feet size 37 Eu with nice arches and very soft soles! After agreed
casting, she is getting her feet licked, sucked and she is also making very nasty and sexy footjob! She is wearing nice black dress, making doggy footjob, all possible positions and she is stroking very big cock as well! Her feet are so small compare to the big cock and she is getting her feet fucked very hard! Of course she is refusing to make footjob, or get her feet licked, but business is business and to get this job is not easy! Contract in Italy is for lot of money and models are agree after all to make this interview footjob! HD videos and pics just ADDED!

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This is another footjob casting episode! This model came for casting to be able to get work in Italy and she is pushed to make footjob in order to get this job! She is refusing to make this dirty job because she has FB and she does not do this work! But the condition to get this fashion contract is to make this casting and unfortunately make the foot fetish work!

Belive or not she did very hot footjob, she is getting her feet licked and sucked, making all footjob positions and this is 70 minutes long episode! New update just released in HD!!!

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Hello,at this time we made something extra! Hot babe with sexy feet and legs in Hot trample and foot worship episode. She is making hot action, stepping on body, getting her feet sucked and licked! She is making female domination action which is very hot and sexy.

Her feet are small, sexy and soft soles! She is dominate man with her nasty attitude, she talks dirty durring the action & More!!!!!

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[fvplayer src=”https://footfetishdreams.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/teen_bitch_2017.mp4″ splash=”https://footfetishdreams.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/teen_bitch_thumb.jpg” width=”1280″ height=”720″]stocking feet pics

Hello, we are searching for new model that has sexy and small feet so we had to book girl not from advertisement but called Escort agency for footjob session. We book 21 Y/O girl who is saying she is model but also makes call girl for private clients for escort. I must say that she is Nasty BITCH and even asked for more money for BJ! We was able to make footjob&Bj episode with her but it was harder with her! She was asking when we finish etc and she does this job only for money and she does not like it.

Anyway even on top of that we was able to shoot all the footjob positions, she has nice white dress and white PUMPS with brown stockings. She makes footjob with stockings and than she is taking them off and continue barefoot. She is also licking nipples and sucking the cock! She is bitch but footjob is GOOD!
Stocking Feet Pics Included!

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