why do guys like feet

Hello, we are back with some great news!! We had again casting for new models. This lady came for the job interview about modeling and at this time our agent did not have other jobs than footjob!! She was curious why do guys like feet?
After an interview where she says all about her life and other things, we had to ask her to put her feet on the table and show her soles. After this, we saw, that she has very sexy small feet size 35 EU!! Very small feet and also very soft soles. After sending her feet pics to an agent via WhatsApp, he said he wants to see her feet fucked. She was shocked by this request and casting, she said this is not normal casting!!

The agent offered her 200 euro to get her sexy feet fucked, and because she is a poor girl she agrees that today we can fuck her feet! For this miserable euro amount!! Her feet look so small to this big COCK she said…She did all footjob positions like doggy footjob, she is talking dirty and this is really a great episode. You must see! HD videos and pics just ADDED!!!

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