feet and fetish

Hello, we had nice casting this week and footjob interview! Agency requested a new model for fashion work, and we had to open studio again..This model is 20 Y/O with sexy feet size 38-39 EU. She has very soft soles, and at casting, she must answer many questions!  The agent asking her all kind of questions and sending her photos to the studio via WhatsApp! Then the studio agent who loves models with nice feet deciding to see her feet fucked by a very big cock!

She is shocked, because she did not do this kind of work in the past. But as she mentioned she is in need of money. We offered her cash for FOOTJOB, an offer was a bit high, and she agreed because she needs money to buy a new iPhone! Believe or not, even when she has BF she agrees to make foot fetish work! When she saw a big cock she was surprised and she makes great footjob! She is making all positions, doggy footjob, feet and fetish, wrinkled soles, front footjob, she is also getting nice foot worship and more! Enjoy New UPDATE!!

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